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1961 Oldsmobile Starfire

We are very pleased to present this 1961 Oldsmobiile Starfire Convertible. 1961 was the year Oldmobile introduced the Starfire as a stand-alone model after being part of the 98 line. The smaller 88 frame paired with the 394 V/8 engine and 4-barrel Rochester carburetor have led many to call it Oldsmobiles first entry into muscle cars. The first year they had a limited production run of 7800 vehicles- all convertibles. This particular model has what is believed to be 47,150 original miles. It started life wrapped in Autumn Mist paint, but the former owner had it repainted its current color. The current paint is of driver quality. The interior is believed to be original and is in very good condition. Mechanically the engine and transmission work well, many of the suspension parts have been replaced, the brakes have bee converted to Disc all the way around, a new exhaust system have been installed and more (with documentation).  For more information, including undercarriage pictures and driving video please call 912-777-3028 or Tim rollinger at 912-596-2099. 

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